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This repo has been deprecated and will be removed shortly
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This repo has been deprecated and will be removed shortly. Please see

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9 days ago

Hi @vacant0mens.

Sorry for the delay in replying - we don't monitor this repo for issues. The best way to work through this is to use our support channel:

This docker image is published as a demonstration and a starting point, rather than a ready-to-use, production ready image.

We are in the midst of updating our docker images, and we are going to deprecate this repo. Please check out

If you still need assistance, please get in touch via

a month ago

container starts, but always tries to create a database. if it already exists, shouldn't it check the schema?

also, it starts and then stops, like this:

Web server is ready to process requests
Running. Press <enter> to shut down...

The Octopus server is shutting down...
There are no tasks currently executing for missing nodes.
Scheduler stopped successfully
Shutting down the embedded web server
listen://[::]:10943/              1  Listener stopped