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Nginx proxy with basic auth capabilities.
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This image is based on the odaniait/docker-base image and installs nginx as a proxy. Basic Auth can be enabled to secure the app behind it.

You can either put in your own configuration via the volume

or you can set environment variables to have a simple proxy. An example for docker compose looks like this:

  build: /home/mike/workspace/docker/docker-nginx-basic-auth-proxy
    PROXY_AUTH_USER: myuser
    PROXY_AUTH_PASSWORD: mypassword
    - registry:app
  restart: always
  tty: true
  stdin_open: true
  image: registry:2
    - /media/volumes/docker-registry:/var/lib/registry
  restart: always
  tty: true
  stdin_open: true

If you set the PROXY_AUTH_USER and PROXY_AUTH_PASSWORD the db file will be created for you. But you can also supply the
hashed result like:

PROXY_AUTH_USER_PASSWORD: myuser:mypasswordhash

In that case you do not have the clear password in the docker-compose file.

If you want a proxy without basic auth, simply set:
as environment variable.

The target proxy will be detected from the link. The alias app is used internally and the string TARGET_HOST will be replaced
with the ip:port of the app in all files for the following pattern:

If you use a volume the files will be changed. So if you use TARGET_HOST to have it automatically replaced make sure you have a copy
of the files.

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