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MBSE BBS in a Box
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MBSE BBS in a Box

This project will build a Docker image that can be used to run an MBSE
BBS. The image includes:

  • MBSE
  • xinetd for managing network services
  • darkhttpd for serving web content
  • supervisord as a process supervisor

Basic usage

Create a data volume for hosting your BBS data:

docker volume create mbse

Boot the BBS container:

docker run -v mbse:/srv/mbse -it --name mbse oddbit/mbse

Configure the BBS:

docker exec -it -u mbse mbse bin/mbsetup

Open the BBS:

docker exec -it -u mbse mbse bin/mbstat open

At this point the BBS is running and you should be able to log in by
telneting to the container IP:

$ telnet 172.17.02

Log in as bbs to create a new account.

Managing the BBS

You can re-run mbsetup at any time to make configuration changes:

docker exec -it -u mbse mbse bin/mbsetup

About python-mbse

The python-mbse directory contains some Python code for parsing MBSE
data structures (currently, only This is used in the
Docker image to extract information from the user database in order to
re-generate /etc/passwd entries at container start time.

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