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Image with latest OGGM, using Ubuntu 18.04 with Python 3.6.
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OGGM is a modular open source model for glacier dynamics

The model accounts for glacier geometry (including contributory branches) and
includes an explicit ice dynamics module. It can simulate past and
future mass-balance, volume and geometry of (almost) any glacier in the world
in a fully automated and extensible workflow. We rely exclusively on publicly
available data for calibration and validation.

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Installation, documentation

The documentation is hosted on ReadTheDocs:

Get in touch

  • View the source code on GitHub_.
  • Report bugs or share your ideas on the issue tracker_.
  • Improve the model by submitting a pull request_.
  • Or you can always send us an e-mail_ the good old way.

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See `whats-new`_ for a list of all contributors.

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