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Ready-to-use Zammad image without database installation
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Zammad is a web based open source helpdesk/ticket system with many features
to manage customer communication via several channels like telephone, facebook,
twitter, chat and e-mails. It is distributed under the GNU AFFERO General Public
License (AGPL).

Database Connection

This branch does not include a database installation.

Define the database connection by setting these ENV params:

  • DB_ADAPTER=mysql2|postgresql
  • DB_DATABASE=<db_name>
  • DB_HOST=<db_host>
  • DB_PORT=<db_port>
  • DB_USERNAME=<db_username>
  • DB_PASSWORD=<db_password>
  • DB_CREATE=false|true - Create DB (default: false)
  • DB_MIGRATE=false|true - Migrate DB (default: false)
  • DB_INDEX=false|true - Rebuild search index (default: false)

Define the Elasticsearch connection:

  • ES_URL - Elasticsearch URL (default: http://elasticsearch:9200)

    Note: Starting with version 1.4.0 of this image, Elasticsearch is no longer installed within this image.
    An external Elasticsearch server is required (preferably via a linked container).

Setup & Maintenance

  • Initialize:

    Execute all actions below in the given order.

    Alternatively, set environment variable DB_CREATE=true to run setup commands before starting Zammad for the first time.

  • Create DB

    docker exec -it <container> rake db:create

  • Migrate DB

    docker exec -it <container> rake db:migrate

  • Seed DB

    docker exec -it <container> rake db:seed

  • Set up search indexing

    docker exec -it <container> rails r "Setting.set('es_url', 'http://elasticsearch:9200')"

  • Rebuild search index

    docker exec -it <container> rake searchindex:rebuild

Modifications & Fixes

This image contains some source modifications based on the image author's preferences, which may not be suitable for everyone:

  • Mod: Don't set font in emails, use default font
  • Fix: Allow to paste links into editor (#464)
  • Fix: Do not convert simple links in articles
  • Mod: [form_submit] Add product, version, os, country, reason data to body
  • Mod: [form_submit] Fail silently on honeypot field submission
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