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Graphite and Grafana 2.6 using Postgres as a backend for storing dashboards etc.
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Graphite & Grafana

Docker container presenting Graphite and Grafana 2.6. Both applications are configured to store dashboards and similar data into Postgres DB. Postgres DB is not present in the container - it is supposed that additional container with Postgres DB runs aside.

In order to use Grafana you must first log in as an admin and configure the connection to Graphite. Credentials for Grafana are "admin/admin". However any anonymous user is allowed to view Dashboards.

Run container

Postgres must be already running. postgres:9.5 container can be used for this purpose.


docker-compose will create entire environment - one container with postgres and another with Graphite&Grafana
If you have docker-compose installed, you can clone this repository or download only the docker-composer.yml file and then run:

docker-compose up -d

Regular Docker

docker run -d -v /some/location:/var/lib/graphite/whisper -p 80:80 -p 8080:8080 -p 2003:2003 -p 2004:2004 -p 7002:7002 --links db:postgres -e PGHOST=postgres -e PGUSER=pgadmin -e PGPASSWORD=pgadmin ohamada/graphite-grafana

For more information about used environment variables look at section 'Configuration of connection to Postgres'

/some/location - storage of Graphite's RRD data
--links db:postgres - optional part, links container 'db' with alias 'postgres' to this container

Port Purpose
80 Grafana web gui
8080 Graphite web gui
2003 Graphite UDP receiver
2004 Graphite picker receiver
7002 Graphite cache query

Configuration of connection to Postgres

We suppose that there is a instance of Postgres already running somewhere. In order to configure the container properly you must use environment variables.

Variable Mandatory Default value Purpose
PGHOST YES Hostname of postgres host
PGUSER YES Username of user with admin rights (in order to create user role and databases)
PGPASSWORD YES Password for admin user
PGPORT NO 5432 Define Postgres port
DB_USER NO graphite User for both apps to access Postgres (account will be created in postgres)
DB_PASSWORD NO graphite User password
DB_GRAPHITE_NAME NO graphite Name of the database to be used by Graphite
DB_GRAFANA_NAME NO grafana Name of the database to be used by Grafana
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