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Centos 6 based container with htcondor for integration testing
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Funnel DevOps GridEngine Server

This is a development install of the GridEngine scheduler running as a master and execution host. This image can be treated like a single node cluster for testing purposes.

What is GridEngine

Open Grid Scheduler/Grid Engine is a commercially supported open-source batch-queuing system for distributed resource management. OGS/GE is based on Sun Grid Engine, and maintained by the same group of external (i.e. non-Sun) developers who started contributing code since 2001.

For more information on GridEngine, consult the official website.

To run the container

docker run -it --rm ohsucompbio/gridengine bash

This will start the container and the GridEngine scheduler running as both a controller and worker node. Once you have a session in the container, you can submit jobs using the qsub command. A test script is included in the image at /opt/gridengine.submit. You can submit this script to verify the scheduler is working properly.

qsub /opt/gridengine.submit
qstat -f

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