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Centos 7 based container with slurm for integration testing
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Based on:

Slurm on CentOS 7 Docker Image

This is an all-in-one Slurm installation. This
container runs the following processes:

  • slurmd (The compute node daemon for Slurm)
  • slurmctld (The central management daemon of Slurm)
  • slurmdbd (Slurm database daemon)
  • munged (Authentication service for creating and validating credentials)
  • mysql (Database for slurmdbd)
  • supervisord (A process control system)


To use the latest available image, run:

docker pull ohsucompbio/slurm:latest
docker run -it -h ernie ohsucompbio/slurm:latest

The above command will drop you into a bash shell inside the container.
Supervisord is the process manager. To view the status of all the processes,run:

[root@ernie /]# supervisorctl status
munged                           RUNNING   pid 23, uptime 0:02:35
mysqld                           RUNNING   pid 24, uptime 0:02:35
slurmctld                        RUNNING   pid 25, uptime 0:02:35
slurmd                           RUNNING   pid 22, uptime 0:02:35
slurmdbd                         RUNNING   pid 26, uptime 0:02:35

In slurm.conf, the ControlMachine hostname is set to ernie. Since
this is an all-in-one installation, the hostname must match ControlMachine.
Therefore, you must pass the -h ernie to docker at run time so that the
hostnames match.

You can run the usual slurm commands:

[root@ernie /]# sinfo
normal*      up 5-00:00:00      5   idle c[1-5]
[root@ernie /]# scontrol show partition
   AllowGroups=ALL AllowAccounts=ALL AllowQos=ALL
   AllocNodes=ALL Default=YES QoS=N/A
   DefaultTime=5-00:00:00 DisableRootJobs=NO ExclusiveUser=NO GraceTime=0 Hidden=NO
   MaxNodes=1 MaxTime=5-00:00:00 MinNodes=1 LLN=NO MaxCPUsPerNode=UNLIMITED
   PriorityJobFactor=50 PriorityTier=50 RootOnly=NO ReqResv=NO OverSubscribe=NO
   OverTimeLimit=NONE PreemptMode=OFF
   State=UP TotalCPUs=5 TotalNodes=5 SelectTypeParameters=NONE
   DefMemPerCPU=500 MaxMemPerNode=UNLIMITED

Important Note: This image is used for testing and development. It is
not suited for any production use.

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