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Docker images to hold R6RS/R7RS Scheme implementations. Built from yunibase( ) repository.

How to use (tl;dr)

docker run -it --rm okuoku/yunibase:latest /yunified/chibi-scheme

Following tags hold ready-to-run Scheme implementations with preloaded yuni library.

  • latest - Based on Ubuntu amd64 (recommended)
  • yuni-java - Java8 image with Kawa
  • yuni-ubuntu32
  • yuni-alpine - with Musl libc
  • yuni-fedora

Other tags are for CI and not intended to use directly.

With yuni library, every R6RS implementations in yunibase have good amount of R7RS libraries such as (scheme base) (except Racket -- conflicts with their own)

Implementations are installed under /yunified (preloads yuni library) or /vanilla.


Full sourcecode to reproduce the image is available on yunibase GitHub repository

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