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CSIP service development template image
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This docker image lets you create a deployable CSIP service from Java sources. All required
tools for CSIP development are bundled in this image. You need to mount a workspace containing
your service sources when running the container, the default container command will compile the sources
and create package in the same workspace. No other setup is needed, quite simple.

Create a workspace

mkdir -p $HOME/work/java

Create a workspace in your home folder to store the sources in java

Create a package folder

mkdir -p $HOME/work/java/m/conv

We need a package, too.

Create a service

cat > $HOME/work/java/m/conv/ << EOL      
package m.conv;
 import oms3.annotations.*;
 import csip.annotations.*;

 @Name("Temperature conversion.")
 @Resource(type = ResourceType.OMS_COMP)
 public class V1_0 extends csip.ModelDataService {

     @Description("Temperature in C")
     @In public double temp_c = 45.2;

     @Description("Temperature in F")
     @Out public double temp_f;

     @Execute public void run() {
         temp_f = temp_c * 9 / 5 + 32;

This is a simple temperature conversion service, expecting a value in Celsius and converting it to

Build the CSIP services using the docker image.

sudo docker run --rm -it -v $HOME/work:/work olafdavid/csip_dev

This will download the image, then create and run a container with the mounted work folder, compiles the sources found in $HOME/java, and finally builds the war file in $HOME/work/dist.

ls $HOME/work/dist 

For further information about deploying and running a service,
check out the "Getting Started" section at ....

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