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MCServer (minecraft server)
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Run mcserver ( If you want to help improving this, have a look at github:

First, create a directory for data storage. Inside that directory, create a subdirectory "worlds".

Create at least one subdirectory in "worlds" - may be empty but can also contain a world.ini file. This will be you first world.

You can create additional worlds by simply adding more subdirectories.

Now do:

docker run  -t -d -P -v /your/datadir:/var/data olafwal/mcserver

Replace "/your/datadir" with the host directory created above

Or, if you want to control the exported ports:

docker run -t -d -p hostPortMincraft:25565 -p hostPortWebInterface:8080 -v /your/datadir:/var/data olafwal/mcserver

Usually this is

docker run -t -d -p 25565:25565 -p 8080:8080 -v /your/datadir:/var/data olafwal/mcserver
  • Exposed ports:

    • Minecraft: 25565
    • Webinterface: 8080
  • Webinterface access (initial):

    • user: admin
    • pass: mcadmin12

I strongly recommend to change the credentials for the webinterface. To do so, simply stop your container and edit webadmin.ini in your datadir. Then reststart the container.

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