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Docker image with the Moinmoin wiki engine, uwsgi, nginx and self signed SSL.
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Docker image with the Moinmoin wiki engine, uwsgi, nginx and self signed SSL.

You can automatically download and run this with the following command

sudo docker run -it -p 443:443 -p 80:80 --name my_wiki olavgg/moinmoin-wiki

Default superuser is mmAdmin, you activate him by creating a new user named mmAdmin and set your prefered password.
The pages are mounted as volume, so you can take backup of the system from the host.

You can detach from the container session with CTRL-Q+P and then CTRL-C

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6 months ago

How could I use this with a wikifarm that is already populated with data?

a year ago

Good suggestions, should set that to default?

a year ago

An alternative to the --add-hosts argument is to change the Wiki configuration (/usr/local/share/moin/ and change/add the following settings:

show_hosts = 0
log_reverse_dns_lookups = False
a year ago

On my system, editing / saving pages from the docker host works only when I add the command line option --add-host=$HOSTNAME:$HOSTIP, where HOSTIP is the address of the docker host on the docker network (usually something like Otherwise Moin will die trying to determine the host name of the editing user.

2 years ago

Hey, works great thanks!

2 years ago

It does not seem you can mount the data directory as a volume as it will mount with the incorrect ownership.

Ideally, the entire /usr/local/share/moin directory should be a volume but this won't work because of the way the image is built.

Perhaps making use of ENTRYPOINT could allow installation to happen on container start instead which would allow the entire directory to be mounted as a volume.

2 years ago


How does your run command with linking look like? I've never tried linking to another container, just persisting to the host. And from there I rsync the files to a remote server.

2 years ago


2 years ago

Thanks for this. I unfortunately keep getting stuck with linking the volume to the host to make it persistent, Tried both on local and Amazon, and get the same issue:

data_dir "/usr/local/share/moin/data" does not exist, or has incorrect ownership or

Make sure the directory and the subdirectory "pages" are owned by the web
server and are readable, writable and executable by the web server user
and group.

It is recommended to use absolute paths and not relative paths. Check

also the spelling of the directory name.

Any thoughts or suggestions?

3 years ago

Sweet stuff !! :D Will try the exit-warning as soon as I am up and running ;)