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OpenStack Swift threaded operation utility for Uploading, Downloading and Deleting objects
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CLI to upload, download or remove files from a particular container in Swift. Provide variables in the docker run command and the container does the rest of the work for you. The program also institutes a queue that can be changed from the default of 30k objects at a time, to keep the memory requirements low for the system it runs on.

For Rackspace Cloud run you can do the following from the command line to remove all the files in a specified container:

docker run oldarmyc/posthaste posthaste -i rackspace -a -c CONTAINER -t THREADS -r REGION -u CLOUD-USERNAME -p CLOUD-API-KEY -q QUEUE-SIZE REQUESTED-ACTION

For Rackspace use the optional --internal flag which will use service net so that charges are not incurred for bandwidth. The location you are running from must be in the same region as the Cloud Files container.

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