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A Java Certificate Authority (CA) with web GUI

This is a work-in-progress!


This work-in-progress app will be a web application to manage a Certificate Authority.

This application is composed of:

  • ca-api,
    a Dropwizard application on the server side;
  • ui,
    an Angular 2 frontend on the client side;
  • java-ca-lib,
    a Java library providing a DSL to simplify the signing and manipulation of SSL

This last component can be used as a standalone Java library. It comes with its
own abstraction layer, and uses both Bouncy Castle
API and Java cryptographic APIs.

More on java-ca-lib...

Using it

Testing it with Docker and docker-compose

This application comes with three Docker containers:

  • a Redis instance,
  • an API instance (backend),
  • a frontend instance (based on Nginx).

Using docker-compose, you can create the
containers with:

docker-compose up

Your web application will be listening on port 80.

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