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A resource for caching Maven dependencies.
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Maven Cache Resource

DEPRECATED: Since version 3.3.0 Concourse natively supports caches, which should be used instead of this resource.

A resource for caching Maven dependencies.

The approach and code is based on gradle-cache-resource.

Source Configuration

The resource uses the git-resource internally, so any of
the git-resource parameters can be used. It is advisable to use the paths parameter to only listen
to changes of the pom.xml of the Maven project.

Additionally, the following Maven specific configuration is supported.

  • settings.url: Optional. A URL, which points to a custom Maven settings.xml file.
  • master-password: Optional. An encrypted Maven master password, which is written to the settings-security.xml file by the resource.


check: Check for git repo changes

Simply forwards the control to the check script of the git-resource to check for any changes in
the source repository.

It is advisable to track changes to the pom.xml only, since that describes the project dependencies.

in: Cache dependencies

The source repository is first cloned using the git-resource and then dependencies are cached
with mvn dependency:go-offline.

If settings.url is specified in the source configuration, the downloaded settings.xml
file is going to be available in the resource's root folder, so it can be referenced
in tasks, which use the resource as an input (see example-pipeline.yml).

out: Not used


An example usage is documented in example-pipeline.yml.

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