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An image for running Middleman through Docker.
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You can use this image just as a platform-agnostic replacement for the middleman cli.
To use the image, first build it locally:

docker build -t middleman .

Now, run the image to access the newly created binary. For instance, here's how we could
run the middleman help command:

docker run --rm middleman --help

You can also have the container run commands that influence your local host. For instance,
here's how you create a new middleman site in a local project folder:

docker run --rm -v project:/project:rw -w /project middleman init

Want to rebuild your project? You can do that too!

docker run --rm -v project:/project:rw -w /project middleman build

How about watching the project for changes? Done!

docker run --rm -v project:/project:rw -w /project middleman serve

Now you can hit up your local Docker host over port 80 and behold- the web app!

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