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Includes osm2pgsql, for loading OpenStreetMap (OSM) data into a postgresql db.
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A Docker image with osm2pgsql, the tool for importing OpenStreetMap data into a Postgresql database.

Build Instructions

Can be built from the Dockerfile:

# docker build -t onelouder/osm2pgsql

This currently builds osm2pgsql for Debian from a specific tag; see the Dockerfile for the specific version. Alternatively, specify the tag and download the image from the Docker Hub.

Running osm2pgsql

Once the image is built, you can run a single-use container with osm2pgsql. Args will be passed to bash, so you will have access to environment variables in your run command.

# docker run -it --rm onelouder/osm2pgsql -c 'osm2pgsql -h'

When used with a postgis container, it can import data directly into the database:

# docker run -it --rm --link postgis:pg -v ~/inbox:/inbox -v ~/outbox:/outbox onelouder/osm2pgsql


This Dockerfile was built with information from the Ubuntu 14.04 Switch2OSM guide.

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