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Tomcat server container running on top of Oracle JDK8 under Alpine. Includes awscli as well.
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Building Your Webapp

This container image is really meant to be imported and inherited from so you can include your webapp.

Your main webapp should be placed either in ${CATALINA_HOME}/webapps/ROOT/ folder (you need to create this)
or as a war file located at ${CATALINA_HOME}/webapps/ROOT.war. This will deploy your webapp at the root "/"

You can then use the SERVICE_NAME environment variable to change the app context path.

Environment Variables

Aside from TOMCAT environment variables, the following environment variables are
supported by our container:

  • TOMCAT_PASS - Sets the admin password for the tomcat manager. If not set, then a password will be randomly generated. The password will be shown in output when the container is launched.

  • SERVICE_NAME - Sets the context path for the app. When this is set and detected, ROOT/ or ROOT.war will be renamed to the value of this environment variable. When tomcat is launched, the app will be deployed under this context path. For example, if SERVICE_NAME is set to abc, then the app will be access via http://host:8080/abc/.

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