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Short Description
Honyomi is ebook (pdf) search engine written by Ruby
Full Description

Honyomi's Dockerfile


Run honyomi by the container name to my-honyomi (Please your favorite name)

$ docker run --name my-honyomi -it -p 9295:9295 ongaeshi/honyomi
Thin web server (v1.6.3 codename Protein Powder)
Maximum connections set to 1024
Listening on, CTRL+C to stop
# Container stops at the Ctrl-C

Run the container in background.

$ docker run --name my-honyomi -d -it -p 9295:9295 ongaeshi/honyomi

Start, Stop, Remove the Container.

$ docker start my-honyomi
$ docker stop my-honyomi
$ docker rm my-honyomi      # Need stop

Run shell.

$ docker exec -it my-honyomi /bin/bash

Update Honyomi gem

$ docker exec my-honyomi gem install honyomi
$ docker restart my-honyomi


Copy the honyomi database from the container to the host.

We have archived in the host for boot2docker.

$ docker exec my-honyomi tar czvf /backup.tar.gz /root/.honyomi
$ docker cp my-honyomi:/backup.tar.gz ~/tmp/

Run the /path/to/honyomi in the host as the honyomi database.

Note: Linux only (See Mount a host directory as a data volume)

$ docker run --name my-honyomi -d -it -p 9295:9295 -v /path/to/honyomi:/root/.honyomi/ ongaeshi/honyomi
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