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A simple alpine image for flask services built with JWT, using, plus Pika for AMQP.
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This repository contains a collection of dockerfiles used throughout the Office of National Statistics (ONS) Survey Data Exchange (SDE) project. The root of the repo contains a docker-compose yaml which builds all elements of the SDE project, along with test tools.

In order to build the docker-compose app, the following projects are configured as submodules: Perkin, sdx-decrypt, sde-bdd and sde-console.

For development you'll need something like:

  • docker-machine
  • docker-compose
  • git
  • maven 3
  • java 8
  • python 3

To get the environment running:

  • ./ # clones submodules
  • ./ # pulls the latest version of each submodule, runs mvn package in the perkin project and calls docker-compose up

After a docker-compose up, the sde-console app will be exposed on the host ip address (on port 80).

To work on an SDX component:

  • check out a separate copy of the component you want to work with (it's easier than dealing with submodules)
  • scale the component you want to develop down to zero in the compose setup, e.g. docker-compose scale sdx-decrypt=0
  • build and start the component you're working on and attach it to the network used by the docker compose setup using --net=...
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