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This repository began as a GitHub fork of

io.js contributions, releases, and contributorship are under an
open governance model.
We intend to land, with increasing regularity, releases which are
compatible with the npm ecosystem that has been built to date for Node.js.

Is it io.js or IO.js or iojs or IOjs or iOjS?

The official name is io.js, which should never be capitalized,
especially not at the start of a sentence, unless it is being
displayed in a location that is customarily all-caps (such as
the title of man pages.)

To build:

Unix / Macintosh


  • gcc and g++ 4.8 or newer, or
  • clang and clang++ 3.3 or newer
  • Python 2.6 or 2.7
  • GNU Make 3.81 or newer
  • libexecinfo (FreeBSD and OpenBSD only)
$ ./configure
$ make
$ make install

If your Python binary is in a non-standard location or has a
non-standard name, run the following instead:

$ export PYTHON=/path/to/python
$ $PYTHON ./configure
$ make
$ make install

To run the tests:

$ make test

To build the documentation:

$ make doc

To read the documentation:

$ man doc/node.1



  • Python 2.6 or 2.7
  • Visual Studio 2013 for Windows Desktop, or
  • Visual Studio Express 2013 for Windows Desktop
  • Basic Unix tools required for some tests,
    Git for Windows includes Git Bash
    and tools which can be included in the global PATH.
> vcbuild nosign

To run the tests:

> vcbuild test

Intl (ECMA-402) support:

Intl support is not
enabled by default.

"small" (English only) support

This option will build with "small" (English only) support, but
the full Intl (ECMA-402) APIs. With --download=all it will
download the ICU library as needed.

Unix / Macintosh:

$ ./configure --with-intl=small-icu --download=all


> vcbuild small-icu download-all

The small-icu mode builds with English-only data. You can add full
data at runtime.

Note: more docs are on
the joyent/node wiki.

Build with full ICU support (all locales supported by ICU):

With the --download=all, this may download ICU if you don't have an
ICU in deps/icu.

Unix / Macintosh:

$ ./configure --with-intl=full-icu --download=all


> vcbuild full-icu download-all

Build with no Intl support :-(

The Intl object will not be available. This is the default at
present, so this option is not normally needed.

Unix / Macintosh:

$ ./configure --with-intl=none


> vcbuild intl-none

Use existing installed ICU (Unix / Macintosh only):

$ pkg-config --modversion icu-i18n && ./configure --with-intl=system-icu

Build with a specific ICU:

You can find other ICU releases at
the ICU homepage.
Download the file named something like icu4c-**##.#**-src.tgz (or

Unix / Macintosh

# from an already-unpacked ICU:
$ ./configure --with-intl=[small-icu,full-icu] --with-icu-source=/path/to/icu

# from a local ICU tarball
$ ./configure --with-intl=[small-icu,full-icu] --with-icu-source=/path/to/icu.tgz

# from a tarball URL
$ ./configure --with-intl=full-icu --with-icu-source=http://url/to/icu.tgz


First unpack latest ICU to deps/icu
icu4c-##.#-src.tgz (or .zip)
as deps/icu (You'll have: deps/icu/source/...)

> vcbuild full-icu

Resources for Newcomers

Current Project Team Members

The io.js project team comprises a group of core collaborators and a sub-group
that forms the Technical Committee (TC) which governs the project. For more
information about the governance of the io.js project, see

Collaborators follow the in
maintaining the io.js project.

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