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Tomcat Servers for deploying applications in IntelliJ IDEA
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Base docker image to run a Tomcat application server with jre7 or jre8.

Image tags

opavlova/tomcat:9-jre8             TOMCAT_VERSION 9.0.0.M9
opavlova/tomcat:8v5-jre8           TOMCAT_VERSION 8.5.4
opavlova/tomcat:8-jre8             TOMCAT_VERSION 8.0.36
opavlova/tomcat:8-jre7             TOMCAT_VERSION 8.0.36
opavlova/tomcat:7-jre8             TOMCAT_VERSION 7.0.70
opavlova/tomcat:7-jre7             TOMCAT_VERSION 7.0.70
opavlova/tomcat:6-jre8             TOMCAT_VERSION 6.0.45
opavlova/tomcat:6-jre7             TOMCAT_VERSION 6.0.45
opavlova/tomcat                    TOMCAT_VERSION 6.0.45, jre8


Deploy an application in Intellij IDEA with a Dockerfile:

  1. Create HelloDocker.war file and place it to the same directory where will be the corresponding Dockerfile

  2. Create this Dockerfile:

    FROM opavlova/tomcat:6-jre7
    ADD HelloDocker.war $CATALINA_HOME/webapps/
  3. Create container_settings.json with the binding to port:

    "AttachStdin": true,
    "OpenStdin": true,
    "HostConfig": {
     "PortBindings":{ "8080/tcp": [{ "HostIp": "", "HostPort": "18080" }] }

    Correct "HostIp" value in the container_settings.json if needed.

  4. Create a new Docker Run Configuration

     - choose "Docker Deployment" in Run/Debug Configuration dialog
     - add values on the Deployment tab:
                   check Docker server - the installed Docker
                   choose Dockerfile - the copied Dockerfile file
                   enter imageName,
                   enter containerName,
     - add values on the Container tab:
                   add path to container_settings.json in the "JSON file" field
     - press Apply/Ok
  5. Run the created Configutarion
    Results are in the Docker View

  6. Go to the corresponding url with the deployed artifact
    NB: "HostIp" and "HostPort" are taken from container_settings.json file

Deploy an application in Intellij IDEA with an image:

  1. Go to the Docker View
  2. Start Docker
  3. Select "Docker" item->Call context menu->Pull Image
    Enter "opavlova/tomcat" in the Repositoty field
    Click Ok
  4. Select the pulled image in the list of images->Call context menu->Create Container->Create
  5. In the "Create Deployment Configuration" dialog, Container tab:
      Press the button "CLI" for creating json file via command-line interface.
      Enter in the "CLI options" field:
         -p 18080:8080 -v "/c/Users/opavlova/IdeaProjects/HelloDocker/out/":/usr/local/tomcat/webapps/
          where port binding: "-p <connecting-port>:<container-port>" 
          and volume binding: "-v <path-to-app-to-deploy>:<path-in-the-container>"
      Enter the path to a new json file with this PortBinding in the "JSON file" field.
      Press Ok.
  6. Press Run configuration
  7. Go to the deployed application, in our case
Docker Pull Command

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