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OpenALPR Commercial Agent
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This service runs the OpenALPR commercial agent. It reads video from an IP camera and outputs license plate data to a destination.


To send data to an OpenALPR Web server, first register the agent using this command:

docker run -P \
     -v openalpr-vol1-config:/etc/openalpr/ \
     -v openalpr-vol1-images:/var/lib/openalpr/ \
     -it openalpr/commercial-agent alprlink-register -w [web server IP]

If registering with the OpenALPR Cloud service, omit the "-w" and it will default to the cloud.

You may also configure the agent to send data to your own HTTP endpoint, or to save data in the queue. You can find more information about this on

Update the alprd.conf according to your needs


                  -v openalpr-vol1-config:/etc/openalpr/ \
                  -v openalpr-vol1-images:/var/lib/openalpr/ \
                  -it openalpr/commercial-agent 


The OPENALPR_LICENSE_KEY is used if you are using the agent without the web server. When connecting to the web server, you may omit this value, since the license is managed centrally.

The service persists the configuration and plate data in separate volume mounts. We are naming them "openalpr-vol1-config" and "openalpr-vol1-images" in this example. If you're running multiple agents on the same server, make sure to give each docker container a different volume mount so that the OpenALPR configuration doesn't interfere with other processes.

Source code is located here:

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