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This is a simple HTML and OPDS web server to access a database created by the Calibre application. CalibrePHP was written using CakePHP.


This application is also available as a docker container. You can run this application and expose your local Calibre library into the docker container using the following command:

docker run -d --name calibrephp \
  -p 8888:80 \
  -e BASE_URL=default \
  --restart="always" \
  -v <path-to-your-calibre-library>:/library \

This will make the application available on port 8888 on the dockerhost. You can then change the Alternate book path setting to /library/metadata.db which will use the library volume provided to the container.

The BASE_URL is optional, but allows you to access your files via http://dockerhost:8888/default

Manual Setup


CalibrePHP has the following Requirements:

  • HTTP Server. e.g. Apache with mod_rewrite
  • PHP 5.3.0 or greater
  • PHP Sqlite 3 support
  • GD Image library
  • Calibre library and sub-directories need to be readable and executable by the webserver.


  • Clone the repository to your webserver.
  • Copy app/Config/email.php.default to app/Config/email.php
    • Update the settings as needed, This is needed if you're going to use the send feature below.
  • Copy app/Config/settings.php.default to app/Config/settings.php
    • Configure the email setting want to be sent, or set as an empty array() to disable.
  • Update app/Config/core.php to modify the following if desired.
    • Change Security.salt from the default.
    • Change Security.cipherSeed from the default.
    • Change debug to the desired level.


  • Added reading epub and pdf in browser
  • Added user management
    • Enable authentication by changing the auth option in configuration section
    • Default account username:password setups:
      • admin:password
      • user:password
      • children:password
  • Added support for multiple languages
  • Added Russian language
  • Added configuration section


  • [x] Dockerize the application
  • [x] Multiple language support
  • [x] Reading epub and pdf in browser
  • [ ] Synology spk package
  • [x] User management

Reporting issues

If you have any issues with with the application please open an issue on GitHub.


If you'd like to contribute, review the Roadmap for planned features. You can fork the project add features and send pull requests.

Demo and Screenshots

Please see the documentation for additional information, or visit the demo to see it in action.

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