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This docker image provides a ready-to-go standalone instance of the Open Baton NFV environment.
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Copyright © 2015-2016 Open Baton.
Licensed under Apache v2 License.

To have a running standalone Open Baton Docker container with the latest Open Baton version type the following commands:

sudo docker pull openbaton/standalone
sudo docker run -d -p 8080:8080 -p 5672:5672 -p 15672:15672 -p 8443:8443 -e RABBITMQ_BROKERIP=<RabbitMQ IP> -e RABBITMQ_ADMIN_PSWD=<RabbitMQ admin password> openbaton/standalone

VERY IMPORTANT NOTE - You should put as input for the RABBITMQ_BROKERIP the RabbitMQ IP making sure that this IP can be reached by external components (VMs, or host where will run other VNFMs) otherwise you will have runtime issues. In particular, you should select the external IP of your host on top of which the docker container is running

NOTE - the RABBITMQ_ADMIN_PSWD is the password which will be assigned to the "admin" RabbitMQ user. In case you do not set the RABBITMQ_ADMIN_PSWD variable while running the container, the "openbaton" default value will be used as password.

NOTE - With the command above you will run the latest Open Baton version. The RABBITMQ_ADMIN_PSWD environment variable is supported only from version 5.0.0.

Then you should see as output an alphanumeric string similar to the following:


You should see that the container is running by typing the following command:

sudo docker ps -a  

which output should be similar to the following:

CONTAINER ID        IMAGE                        COMMAND                  CREATED             STATUS                   PORTS                                                                                              NAMES
cfc4a7fb23d0        openbaton/standalone   "/usr/bin/supervisord"   49 seconds ago      Up 49 seconds  >5672/tcp,>8080/tcp,>8443/tcp,>15672/tcp   admiring_lalande  

To connect to the running container containing Open Baton you can type the following command:

sudo docker exec -ti cfc4a7fb23d02c47e25b447d30f6fe7c0464355a16ee1b02d84657f6fba88e07 bash  

After few minutes the Open Baton NFVO should be started, then you can open a browser and go on localhost:8080. To log in, the default credentials for the administrator user are:

user: admin
password: openbaton  

To stop and delete the running container you can type respectively the following commands:

sudo docker stop cfc4a7fb23d02c47e25b447d30f6fe7c0464355a16ee1b02d84657f6fba88e07
sudo docker rm cfc4a7fb23d02c47e25b447d30f6fe7c0464355a16ee1b02d84657f6fba88e07  

NOTE: At a particular time, the image with the tag named "latest" is equivalent to the image with the higher numerical tag.

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