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ChatAlytics is a realtime platform for processing HipChat and Slack messages using Storm as the processing framework. Implementors can connect their own models into the topology for coming up with metrics. Those metrics can then be accessed through a REST API that ChatAlytics provides. This project also contains HuBot coffee scripts that hit the endpoints in ChatAlytics.

Building the Project

To build the example you can just run

mvn clean package

You may need to also download the caseless models from the Stanford Core NLP website. The default one used in the config is named: english.all.3class.distsim.crf.ser.gz.

Running in Docker mode

Navigate to the top level directory where the Dockerfile is and run the following command:
docker build -t chatalytics ./

This will build a new Docker image named chatalytics. You can get a list of all the images by running:
docker images

To start the container in the backgroung based on that image run:
docker run -d --name chatalytics chatalytics

You should be able to see the container running by executing:
docker ps -f name=chatalytics -a

To ssh into the container run:
docker exec -i -t chatalytics bash

To stop the container run:
docker stop chatalytics

To remove old containers run:
docker rm chatalytics

Running with PostgreSQL

install postgres on your computer. If you're running on MacOS you can type brew install postgres

To initialize the database run:
initdb /mnt/postgres/chatalytics

Then start postgres by running
pg_ctl start

You then need to create a user by running
createuser chat_user

Make sure you don't have a previous version of the database and re-create it by running:
dropdb chatalytics
createdb chatalytics

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