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Container utilized to harvest hostname to IP mappings from the DHCP server and publish them to DNS
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DHCP/DNS Name and IP Harvester

This µservice and Docker image provide an utility that periodically parses the
DHCP leases database file and updates the bind9 DNS configuration so that
hosts that are assigned IP addresses dynamically from DHCP can be looked up via


There are several keys to making all this work. The utility needs to be able to
read the DHCP lease database file as well as write a file to a location that
can be read by the DNS server; so more than likely this utility should be run
on the same host that is running DHCP and DNS. Additionally, this utility needs
to be able to run the bind9 utility rndc to reload the DNS zone. This means
that it needs a DNSSEC key and secret to access the DNS server.

Lastly, this utility generates a file that can be $include-ed into a bind9
zone file, so the original zone file needs to be augmented with a $INCLUDE
statement that includes the files to which the uility is configured to write.

Docker Build

To build the docker image use the command:

docker build -t harvester .


The utility is configured the environment following the 12 factor application
principles. The available configuration settings are:

PORT 4246 port on which the service will listen for requests
LISTEN IP on which the service will listen for requests
LOG_LEVEL warning log output level
LOG_FORMAT text format of log messages
DHCP_LEASE_FILE /harvester/dhcpd.leases lease file to parse for lease information
OUTPUT_FILE name of file to output discovered lease in bind9 format
OUTPUT_FORMAT {{.ClientHostname}}\tIN A {{.IPAddress}}\t; {{.HardwareAddress}} specifies the single entry format when outputing to a file
VERIFY_LEASES true verifies leases with a ping
VERIFY_TIMEOUT 1s max timeout (RTT) to wait for verification pings
VERIFY_WITH_UDP false use UDP instead of raw sockets for ping verification
QUERY_PERIOD 30s period at which the DHCP lease file is processed
QUIET_PERIOD 2s period to wait between accepting parse requests
REQUEST_TIMEOUT 10s period to wait for processing when requesting a DHCP lease database parsing
RNDC_UPDATE false determines if the harvester reloads the DNS servers after harvest
RNDC_ADDRESS IP address of the DNS server to contact via RNDC
RNDC_PORT 954 port of the DNS server to contact via RNDC
RNDC_KEY_FILE /key/rndc.conf.maas key file, with default, to contact DNS server
RNDC_ZONE cord.lab zone to reload

When configuring the µservice via the environment the name of the option should
be prefixed with HARVESTER_.

Docker Run

To run the utility, a docker command similar to what is below may be used

docker run -d --name=harvester


/harvest POST Requests the processing of the DHCP lease database
/lease GET Returns the list of DHCP leases harvested from the DHCP server
/lease/{ip} GET Returns a single DHCP lease associated with the given IP
/lease/hostname/{name} GET Returns a single DHCP lease associated with the given client hostname
/lease/hardware/{mac} GET Returns a single DHCP lease associated with the given hardware addreaa

Currently there is no security around this so it could be abused. There is some
protection so that if the system is sent multiple requests it won't actually
re-harvest until a quiet period has expired. The purpose is to not allow the
system to be overloaded.

Implementation Details

Verification of leases is performed by doing an ICMP ping to the host.

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