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Generate flowmaps, videos of uv vector fields. Based on computer models or measured datasets.
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Flowmap generator

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Command line utility to transform model output into a flowmap that can be used for games or gpu-based visualizations.


Scripts that generate flowmaps for specific models:

  • (download model results for DCSM model and transform them to a flowmap)


To use the software you can download the latest version using docker.
If you have docker installed you can download the software using the command:

.. code:: bash

docker pull openearth/flowmap

You can run the software by typing the command (for now please prepend the flowmap command with /opt/conda/envs/py35/bin.

.. code:: bash

docker run openearth/flowmap flowmap --help
docker run openearth/flowmap flowmap generate --help
docker run openearth/flowmap flowmap generate --src_epsg=28992 --dst_epsg=3857

In the case of Delft3D you can convert the default nefis output to netCDF using the vs_trim2nc.m matlab script.
There is also direct nefis support in development, but that has not been properly tested.
By default you will want to project to the web mercator projection. Then you can reuse the velocities as pixels/s in an animation.


  • TODO


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