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Short Description
A container that runs the dynamo engine of the IOmeter tool
Full Description

This container runs "Dynamo" - the I/O engine of the IOMeter benchmarking tool.

Steps for running this container :

a) Ensure that an IOMeter instance is started on a windows machine

b) Firewall is disabled/access is possible between the windows IOmeter management host and the docker host running this container

c) While running this container, please invoke with

i) the command given below to start dynamo with the appropriate IP/hostname (if resolvable) of the windows host

/dynamo -i "<iometer_host>" -m "<local_address.stdout>"

ii) Most of the times, this may also need the container to be invoked with '-net host' option to make use of the underlying docker host's N/W

iii) With the block device exposed via '-v switch'

d) After running the container, please select the exposed block device on the IOMeter console (under a new manager identified by the docker hostname OR IP) ,map to desired IOmeter worker, select the desired access specification and start the I/O

e) The container automatically exits upon killing the IOMeter instance on windows

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