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Jupyter notebook Docker container bundled with OpenFisca
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OpenFisca Jupyter notebook Docker container definition and examples

Enables JupyterHub to spawn user servers in docker containers
which have OpenFisca-Core and
OpenFisca-France pre-installed,
in a python2 environement.

This container is published on Docker Hub and
is based on the container jupyter/singleuser.


To download the container:

docker pull openfisca/jupyter

Then you have to:

  • install JupyterHub
    # apt-get install npm nodejs-legacy
    # npm install -g configurable-http-proxy
    # pip3 install jupyterhub
  • install DockerSpawner
    pip install
    pip install -r requirements.txt
    python install
- install [OAuthenticator](

pip3 install oauthenticator


You need to define environment variables in env.

If you are using systemd, you can copy the systemd service file
in /etc/systemd/system and replace the template values between < and > by the actual values.

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