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The official Jenkins docker plus some plugins and scripts for integrating with the Gerrit.
Full Description

Jenkins Docker Image

Official Jenkins docker plus some plugins and scripts in order to integrating with the Gerrit.
Additional plugins include:

  • docker-build-publish
  • docker-plugin
  • gerrit-trigger
  • git
  • ldap
  • maven-plugin
  • parameterized-trigger
  • swarm


  • Demonstrate how to integrate Jenkins with Gerrit.
  • Domonstrate how to configure Jenkins docker-plugin to utilise other docker images as the slave nodes.
  • There's a sample image which demonstrate how to build a jenkins-slave image for Jenkins docker-plugin.
  • There's another project which privdes sample scripts about how to combine this image with Gerrit image and other images to create a ci system.

Create Jenkins container

Basic setup for integrating Jenkins with Gerrit.

#A public ssh key should be imported to Gerrit first as the <Gerrit admin uid>'s public key. \
  <Gerrit admin uid> \
  <Gerrit admin email> \
  <Gerrit ssh ip/name> \
  <Gerrit canonicalWebUrl> \
  <Jenkins WebUrl> \
  <Nexus public repoUrl>

sample: \
  gerrit \ \ \ \ \

Destroy Jenkins container (Use with caution!)

Upgrade Jenkins container (Use with caution!)

Additional environment variables that allow fine tune Jenkins runtime configuration are:

LDAP_SERVER (required), the LDPA URI, i.e. ldap-host:389
LDAP_ROOTDN (required), the LDAP BASE_DN
LDAP_USER_SEARCH_BASE (optional), base organization unit to use to search for users
LDAP_USER_SEARCH (optional), LDAP object field to use for the search query
LDAP_GROUP_SEARCH_BASE (optional), base organization unit to use to search for groups
LDAP_GROUP_SEARCH_FILTER (optional), filter to use querying for groups
LDAP_GROUP_MEMBERSHIP_FILTER (optional), filter to use when writing queries to verify if a user is member of a group
LDAP_MANAGER_DN (optional), LDAP adim user
LDAP_MANAGER_PASSWORD (optional), LDAP admin password
LDAP_INHIBIT_INFER_ROOTDN (required), flag indicating if ROOT_DN should be infered
LDAP_DISPLAY_NAME_ATTRIBUTE_NAME (optional), LDAP object field used as a display name
LDAP_DISABLE_MAIL_ADDRESS_RESOLVER (required), flag indicating if the email address resolver should be disabled
LDAP_MAIL_ADDRESS_ATTRIBUTE_NAME (optional), LDAP object field used as a email address
LDAP_GROUP_NAME_ADMIN (optional), LDAP admin group. Default to administrators.
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