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A simple docker container that runs QGIS MapServer complete with a QGIS web client.
it Is based on

Note this is a demonstrator project only and you should revise the security
etc of this implementation before using in a production environment.

To use the image, either pull the latest trusted build from by doing this:

docker pull opengisch/qgis-server-webclient

or build the image yourself like this:

docker build -t opengisch/qgis-server-webclient git://

Note: The 'build it yourself' option above will build from the develop branch
wheras the trusted builds are against the master branch.

To run a container do:

docker run --name "qgis-server-webclient" -p 8081:80 -d -t opengisch/qgis-server-webclient

Probably you will want to mount the /web folder with local volume
that contains some QGIS projects.

docker run --name "qgis-server-webclient" \
    -v <path_to_local_qgis_project_folder>:/web \
    -p 8081:80 -d -t opengisch/qgis-server-webclient

Replace <path_to_local_qgis_project_folder> with an absolute path on your
filesystem. That folder should contain the .qgs project files you want to
publish and all the data should be relative to the project files and within the
mounted volume.

Also consider looking at
which provides a cloud infrastructure including QGIS Server.

Marco Bernasocchi (
December 2014
Tim Sutton (
May 2014

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