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Docker image for building OMERO

For example:

$ docker build -t omero-build-c6-multienv .
$ git clone --recursive /src/openmicroscopy
$ docker run -it -v /src/openmicroscopy:/build omero-build-c6-multienv bash -l

$ groupadd -g <system-group-id> build
$ useradd -u <system-user-id> build -g build
$ su - build
$ cd /build
$ eval $(/opt/ ice35)
$ OMERO_BRANCH=x BUILD_NUMBER=0 sh docs/hudson/

Multiple arguments can be given to

  • ice33 ice34 ice35
  • java6 java7
  • python26 python27

E.g. $ eval $(/opt/ ice35 java7 python27)
Note Python 2.7 with Ice still needs to be sorted out. PostgreSQL 8.4 and 9.2 are both installed.

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