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Repository of version tagged SiLK images for research and comparison
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OpenNSM's Docker image collection of NSM tools and software to effectively utilize them. We have 100's of images...


  • Collection of Docker images on Docker Hub
  • Collection of Dockerfiles in this repo
  • Command-line tool to utilize them ./containnsm


  • To facilitate training, testing, and research
  • Get up and running quickly with NSM tools
  • Keep your host filesystem clean
  • Repeatability


  • OSX: Boot2Docker or Docker Toolbox
  • Linux: Docker Engine
  • Windows: Docker Toolbox, Bash/Cygwin



git clone && cd ContainNSM
sudo make install


Directory structure is dead simple: tool_directory/version_directory/Dockerfile.

|-- argus
|   |--
|   |   |-- Dockerfile
|   |--
|       |-- Dockerfile
|-- bro
|   |-- 2.4
|   |   |-- Dockerfile
|   |-- 2.4.1
|       |-- Dockerfile
|-- daemonlogger
|   |-- 1.0.1
|   |   |-- Dockerfile
|   |-- 1.2.0
|   |   |-- Dockerfile

Obtaining Images


  • Pull down an existing image from Docker Hub (recommended)

    • docker pull opennsm/bro:2.4.1
  • Build a new one from the repository.

    • Specify the relative path to the tool's version to build the Docker image.
      e.g. ./containnsm build bro/2.4.1

Listing Available Images

  • List all available images and locations, installed or not
    • ./containnsm list
  • List all installed OpenNSM images
    • ./containnsm listinstalled
  • List available image names and locations by tool, installed or not
    • ./containnsm list bro
  • List installed image names
    • ./containnsm listinstalled bro

Running Containers

Tools are executed in containers with results passed to the host.
Using ./containnsm we can easily do things like:

  • Sniff on a container interface
  • Sniff on a host interface from inside the container
  • Read PCAP from host inside the container and display results to the host.
  • Write PCAP from container to a file on host

Notes: If a version tag e.g. :2.8.1 is not specified the latest version of the image
will be used.
Options and arguments passed after -- are run inside the container.
When using options such as -r, -w, -C an absolute path must be the argument.
-r and -w can take multiple directories or files as arguments when delimited by a comma.

By default, without a colon signifying src_mount:dst_mount a path will be
evaluated to be the same path on the host as in the container. For example,
-r /pcap/test.pcap will mount the same path in the container which allows you
to then read from the path in the container via tcpdump -nr /pcap/test.pcap. Any
directories not available in container but in the path will be created on the fly
to match the path (this is behavior of Docker) and works to our advantage.

  • Read in (mount) multiple files in container
    • ./containnsm run ... -r /pcap/test.pcap,~/.config:/home/opennsm/.config -- tcpdump -nr /pcap/test.pcap
  • Write out (mount) multiple directories read-write on host in container
    • ./containnsm run ... -w /test,/input:/pcaps -- tcpdump -ni -w /pcaps/example.pcap

Informational messages are written to stderr, if they're bothering you
send them to bitbucket with 2>/dev/null or use quiet mode with -q.

  • Enter container with bash shell
    • ./containnsm run -I bro -- bash
  • List network interfaces available in container
    • ./containnsm run -I bro -- ip link
  • Listen on container interface
    • ./containnsm run -I tcpdump -- tcpdump -ni eth0
  • Listen on host interface from container
    • ./containnsm run -I tcpdump -i -- tcpdump -ni eth0
  • Read PCAP from host inside container
    • ./containnsm run -r /pcaps/ctf.pcap -I tcpdump:4.7.4 -- tcpdump -nr ctf.pcap
  • Create ARGUS file from PCAP in container and write it to the host
    • ./containnsm run -r $PWD/test.pcap -I argus -- argus -r test.pcap -w test.argus
  • Write Bro logs to current directory on host from PCAP passed to container
    • ./containnsm run -w $PWD -I bro -- bro -r test.pcap
  • Read PCAP from containers looping through all available versions of tcpdump
    • ./containnsm grouprun -r $PWD/nitroba.pcap -I tcpdump -- tcpdump -nnr nitroba.pcap -c 1 udp


Graph throughput on Docker host's physical eth0 interface while downloading a Docker
image of Bro 2.4.

  • ./containnsm run -I speedometer:2.8 -i -- speedometer -rx eth0

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