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Redis cache primer for OpenExplorer
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To get a working development environment:

git clone --recursive
cd openexplorer
cd docker/compose
docker-compose up

The initial startup will take up to 15 minutes as the REDIS cache has to be primed from the crowdmap servers.

If you are not yet an admin for OpenExplorer:

  • go to and log in with the username/pwd that you use for OE
  • click your user picture top left and select Settings
  • view the source of this page (In Chrome its Ctrl-U)
  • look for the USER_ID that's what you need.
  • add your user id to: application/config/admins.php
  • If you tried to login to your local instance before, you shoud clear you chache as some information is stored in the session

Setting the environment up

Your database is not populated with approved expedition(s), so we need to go and set it up.

Visit http://localhost:8888/ to view the site.

Accessing the database

docker exec -ti compose_mysql_1 mysql -u oeadmin -popenexplorer2016 openexplorer

Accessing the REDIS

docker exec -ti compose_redis_1 redis-cli

Accessing the NGINX environment

docker exec -ti compose_openexplorer_1 bash    


Testing and staging environments are managed through under the accound badevguru.
The nodes are hosted on DigitalOcean.

Deployment is handeled through the git tags testing and staging are observerd by Docker Hub which builds new docker images.
These images getting automatically deployed to the respective environment on Docker Cloud.

Updating testing/staging tags

Tag the current code locally:

git tag -f -a testing -m "Update tag to new version"

Deleting remote tag:

git push origin --delete testing

Push new tag:

git push origin --tags
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