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Fork of the pre-load container upgraded to Docker-dind 1.13
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Script for preloading OS images (.img) with a user application container.

Using this will allow images with supervisor version above 1.0.0 to run the user application without connectivity, and without the need to download the container.

Known Issues

Version Compatibility

This version will only work for Resin OS versions 1.2 and later.
For versions earlier than 1.2 you will need to checkout commit 5d6d4607bffc98acdf649ce5328e2079dfb9c3d9 of this repo and then follow the steps below.

BTRFS Support

Since Docker for Mac removed support for the BTRFS storage driver (see docker/for-mac/issues/388), preloading images prior to Resin OS 2.0 will require the older Docker toolbox setup with VirtualBox to function properly.

Building from source

  docker build -t resin/resin-preload .


Usage: [options]


  --app          Application ID (required)
  --img          Disk image to preload into (required)
  --api-token    API token (required)
  --api-key      API key
  --api-host     API hostname
  --registry     Image registry host

Environment variables:

  The following option flags can also be set
  via the corresponding environment variables:

  --app          APP_ID
  --img          IMAGE
  --api-token    API_TOKEN
  --api-key      API_KEY
  --api-host     API_HOST
  --registry     REGISTRY_HOST

Example: --app 123456 --api-token "xxxx..." --img /path/to/resin-os.img

This script requires the following options to be set:

  • IMAGE: The path to the OS image you downloaded for the APP you want to target.
  • APP_ID: ID of the App that will be assigned to the device. It can be extracted from the URL in the Resin dashboard, for instance means the APP_ID is 2167.
  • API_TOKEN: Authentication token for Resin, taken from the preferences page.


NOTE: Before running the example below, make sure that you have successfully pushed to the APP and that the Application commit is the correct version of the code you intend to preload.

Download a OS image from the Resin dashboard and then run with docker:

1) Using option flags for configuration:

./ --app 123456 --api-token "XXX..." --img /path/to/resin.img

2) Using environment variables for configuration:

# Set the environment variables
export API_TOKEN=... # copy from dashboard preferences
export APP_ID=... # id of your application (you can see it on dashboard URL when you visit your app page)
export IMAGE=/path/to/resin.img

# As all required options have been set via environment variables,
# there's no need to pass any options, just run

The /path/to/resin.img file, will now have the latest version of your application preloaded.

Additional Options

  • REGISTRY_HOST: Docker registry from which to download the image. If unsure, use
  • Alternatively to API_TOKEN, you can use an API_KEY variable with an API key from a config.json file or the SDK.
  • API_HOST: Address of the Resin API. If unsure, use
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