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esmond (ESnet Monitoring daemon) container (

This container only provides the esmond app and the Postgresql DB. You have to provide your own cassandra(/cluster) instance.

You can start one from spotify/cassandra if you don't have one.

mkdir -p /usr/local/cassandra1
docker run -d -v /usr/local/cassandra1:/var/lib/cassandra -e "CASSANDRA_TOKEN=0" --name cassandra1 spotify/cassandra:cluster

(Using /usr/local/cassandra1 for DB volume)

You will need to build your own esmond instance that comes with admin user/pass and some esmond users using opensciencegrid/esmond container as the base image, like..


FROM opensciencegrid/esmond

RUN yum -y install expect
ADD /tmp/
RUN scl enable python27 "cd /opt/esmond && source bin/activate && /tmp/"

RUN service postgresql start && \
    scl enable python27 "cd /opt/esmond && source bin/activate && \
        python esmond/ add_ps_metadata_post_user perfsonar && \
        python esmond/ add_timeseries_post_user perfsonar" script may look like following..


set timeout 10
spawn python esmond/ createsuperuser --username=admin
expect "Password: " { send "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx\r" }
expect "Password (again): " { send "xxxxxxxxxxxx\r" }

I am using "expect" command here, because esmond/ createsuperuser command is an interactive command and it won't let me pass user / pass via command line.

You can then..

docker build .

(Note the API key generated during the build)

Once you build your container, then you can start it up by linking to your cassandra instance.

docker run -d --name esmond --link cassandra1:cassandra -p 40180:80 soichih/esmond

Link parent name needs to be "cassandra". Adjust port to your liking.

Once it starts up, you can try posting data to it (replace the apikey and url generating during the build)

curl -X POST --dump-header - -H "Content-Type: application/json" -H "Authorization: ApiKey perfsonar:xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx" --data '{"subject-type": "point-to-point", "source": "", "destination": "", "tool-name": "bwctl/iperf3", "measurement-agent": "", "input-source": "","input-destination": "","time-duration": 30,"ip-transport-protocol": "tcp","event-types": [{"event-type": "throughput","summaries":[{"summary-type": "aggregation","summary-window": 3600},{"summary-type": "aggregation","summary-window": 86400}]},{"event-type": "packet-retransmits","summaries":[]}]}' http://localhost:40180/esmond/perfsonar/archive/

You should see the data posted under


You can also access your admin UI at (using the user/pass you used inside

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