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The GRACC-Request agent
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GRACC Request Daemon

This daemon listens and responds to requests for replays on a AMQP queue.


It is easy to install the GRACC Request Daemon with virtualenv

virtualenv gracc-test
. gracc-test/bin/activate
pip install -r requirements.txt
python install

Docker Installation

A docker image with gracc-request installed in available as opensciencegrid/gracc-request.


The configuration for a correction is

index = 'gracc.corrections'
doc_type = 'project'
match_fields = ['ProjectName']
source_field = 'CorrectedProjectName'
dest_field = 'ProjectName'

Each correction is required to have the above fields. You can imagine the logic as:

  • If the match_fields match the incoming record
  • Take the value in source_field and put it in dest_field

The Elasticsearch document for the above configuration could be:

  "_index": "gracc.corrections-0",
  "_type": "project",
  "_id": "AV0ItRBqFBezTrseiOVF",
  "_score": 1,
  "_source": {
    "ProjectName": "osg.mab",
    "CorrectedProjectName": "mab"

In the above example config and document, the correction would look for records which have a ProjectName == "osg.mab", and set the new ProjectName to "mab".

Regular expression matches

The corrections also have the ability to perform regular expression matches. The configuration for a regular expression:

index = 'gracc.corrections'
doc_type = 'host_description_regex'
match_fields = ['Host_description']
source_field = 'Corrected_OIM_Site'
dest_field = 'OIM_Site'
regex = true

And the ES document would look like:

  "_index": "gracc.corrections-0",
  "_type": "host_description_regex",
  "_id": "asldkfj;alksjdf",
  "_score": 1,
  "_source": {
    "Host_description": ".*\.bridges\.psc\.edu",
    "Corrected_OIM_Site": "PSC Bridges",

In this case, it would match the Host_description field of the incoming record with the regular expression in the ES record. If it is a match, then it would set OIM_Site to the value in Corrected_OIM_Site.

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