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A dynamic traffic router which reacts to published routes from an OpenShift PaaS installation
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OpenShift HAProxy Router

This image is an OpenShift Router - it connects on an OpenShift Origin installation and begins serving HTTP(s) proxy routes for applications hosted on the OpenShift PaaS.

Building the haproxy router image

To build the image, run:

$ hack/
$ hack/

Running the router

Take the image above and run it anywhere where the networking allows the container to reach other pods. Only notable requirement is that the port 80 needs to be exposed to the node, so that DNS entries can point to the host/node where the router container is running.

$ docker run --rm -it -p 80:80 origin/openshift-haproxy-router -master $kube-master-url

example of kube-master-url :


This image is built regularly by the OpenShift CI infrastructure as part of OpenShift Origin, and the source is located on GitHub

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