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OpenShift Origin - Platform as a Service with Docker and Kubernetes
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NO LONGER UPDATED: This image was deprecated after the 3.10 OpenShift release, being split into multiple other images. It is no longer used by commands like oc cluster up or the openshift-ansible install.

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OpenShift 3 is based on top of Docker containers and the Kubernetes container cluster manager. OpenShift adds developer and operational centric tools top of Kubernetes to enable rapid application development, easy deployment and scaling, and long-term lifecycle maintenance for small and large teams and applications.


  • Push source code to the platform and have deployments automatically occur
  • Easy to use client tools for building web applications from source code
    • Templatize the components of your system, reuse them, and iteratively deploy them over time
  • Centralized administration and management of application component libraries
    • Roll out changes to software stacks to your entire organization in a controlled fashion
  • Team and user isolation of containers, builds, and network communication in an easy multi-tenancy system
    • Limit, track, and manage the resources teams are using

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For questions or feedback, reach us on IRC on #openshift-dev on Freenode or post to our mailing list.

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