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Sidekiq container for
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Docker images for

Currently two images - a image and a dev image. The image in the root folder pulls all gems and other dependencies. The dev image adds a few dummy files so that you can run the image in a local container.

How to build the images

Start the docker server (screen/tmux/service if your system supports that)

docker daemon

Then in the root folder:

docker build -t .

This builds the image and sets the name to This step takes ~10 minutes since it installs all dependencies and gems.

Then to build the dev image:

cd dev_image
docker build -t dev .

To see all images:

docker images

This should show two images, one named and one named dev.

Now you can either build a container based on the dev image or on the image.

Building the dev container

docker run dev

To run with environmental variables, in this case setting FOO to bar:

docker run -e FOO=bar dev
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