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This is Apache OFBiz pure version, based on java:8
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Apache OFBiz

1. Apache OFBiz versions:
  • latest
  • 15.12
  • 14.12
  • 13.07
2. ENV variables:
  • INIT_DB:
    • 0(default value): if you already have a database
    • 1: load seed data
    • 2: load demo data
  • DB:
    • postgres: -e DB=postgres
    • mysql: -e DB=mysql
    • derby(by default)
  • XMS:
    • Default value: 256MB
  • XMX:
    • Default value: 512MB
    • Default value: 512MB
3. Volume
  • /usr/src/ofbiz/framework/entity/config
    Database configuration file, you can download from here
  • /usr/src/ofbiz/runtime
    OFBiz Log
  • /use/src/ofbiz/framework/images/webapp/images
    Image content folder
4. Two steps to get OFBiz up and running:
  • Initialize database(You can go to step 2 if you already have a database)
    docker run --rm -e INIT_DB=1 opensourceknight/ofbiz:15.12
  • Link database container to ofbiz container with --link, for example:
    docker run -d -p 80:8080 -p 8443:8443 --link some-postgres:postgres opensourceknight/ofbiz:15.12
    Key pair after --link parameter:
    • some-postgres is your docker postgres image name.
    • postgres: this value is hard-coded.
5. Pratice
  • Working with embedded derby database:
    docker run -d -e INIT_DB=2 opensourceknight/ofbiz:15.12
    You can change INIT_DB from 2 value to 1 value to use seed data(1 is for seed data and 2 is for demo data)

Now, you can enjoy Apache OFBiz now.

  • Working with postgres database:
  • Working with mysql database:
Updating...(You can ask and post your questions and requirements)
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