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Docker images for checking out AOSP branches and building external code inside the source tree.
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Docker images for Android modules or apps that really need to be built inside the AOSP source tree. This allows you to access all private APIs in both Java and C++ land. Doing that is usually a massive pain, and definitely not recommended for any application. Even with these helper images, it's not exactly a walk in the park. Furthermore, by using private APIs you risk your module or app crashing on random devices.

So go away now unless you know what you're doing.


  • Create local AOSP mirrors
  • Checkout AOSP branches or tags (from your local mirror or directly)
  • Build your own modules inside any checked out AOSP branches
  • Supports JDK6 (with openstf/aosp:jdk6)
  • Supports JDK7 (with openstf/aosp:jdk7)
  • Supports JDK8 (with openstf/aosp:jdk8)

Available as openstf/aosp in the Docker Hub Registry.


  • docker
  • Vast amounts of disk space. A local mirror currently takes roughly 60GB, and each checked out branch roughly 20-30GB after building your module and its deps.
  • Knowledge of AOSP.


You might want to checkout the helper script's usage first.

docker run -ti --rm openstf/aosp:jdk7 / help

Please see here for a usage example from an actual module.





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