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a year ago

Hi @trevorgerhardt, do you know if this image still runs properly? I got your command to work but I don't think the server is running. Any ideas on how to run the web services after building the graph?

3 years ago

Good call @etranger! My command line build script for a set of files in the pwd looks like:

$ docker run -it -v $(pwd):/var/otp/graphs opentripplanner/opentripplanner --build /var/otp/graphs
3 years ago

This comment will probably save someone a big load of time.

To build the graph after pulling this image and downloading OSM (.pbf) and GTFS (.zip) data, you need to feed that data to OTP to build a graph. To do that, you have to map host OS directory to docker container directory, like this:

docker run -v <datadir>:/mnt/otp-data opentripplanner/opentripplanner --build /mnt/otp-data

this will essentially create a mount point within docker container, and link it to a <datadir> in the host OS. It also provides OTP with a local path so it can collect OSM/GTFS data and save a Graph.obj.