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A performant API Gateway based on Openresty and NGINX.
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OpenWhisk API Gateway

A performant API Gateway based on Openresty and NGINX.

Project status

This project is currently considered beta stage, Large swaths of code or APIs may change.

Table of Contents

Quick Start

docker run -p 80:80 -p <managedurl_port>:8080 -p 9000:9000 \
            -e PUBLIC_MANAGEDURL_HOST=<managedurl_host> \
            -e PUBLIC_MANAGEDURL_PORT=<managedurl_port> \
            -e REDIS_HOST=<redis_host> \
            -e REDIS_PORT=<redis_port> \
            -e REDIS_PASS=<redis_pass> \


Developer Guide

Running locally

To build the docker image locally use:

  make docker

To Run the Docker image

  make docker-run PUBLIC_MANAGEDURL_HOST=<mangedurl_host> PUBLIC_MANAGEDURL_PORT=<managedurl_port> \
    REDIS_HOST=<redis_host> REDIS_PORT=<redis_port> REDIS_PASS=<redis_pass>


First install the necessary dependencies:

  make test-build

Then, run the unit tests:

  make test-run
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