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Create a fancy HTML dump of a Mediawiki instance in a directory or as a ZIM file.
Full Description

'''MWoffliner Docker image''' allows to quickly benefit of MWoffliner
without having to install all dependencies. You just need a working
Docker (


The MWoffliner image needs a Redis ( server to run

You can run a Redis docker container with:

$docker run --name=redis -d redis

... and then run the moffliner interactively:

$docker run --link=redis:redis --name=mwoffliner -ti openzim/mwoffliner

... or non-interactively, directly with a command line (this is an
example, the second line is the mwoffliner command itself):

docker run --link=redis:redis --name=mwoffliner openzim/mwoffliner \
       mwoffliner --redis="redis://redis" --verbose --mwUrl=

With Docker compose

This allows to run both, Redis & MWoffliner, containers simultaneously:

docker-compose --file docker-compose.yml run mwoffliner
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