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A Phet Simulations scrapper
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Quick Start

npm i && npm start

The above will eventually output a ZIM file to dist/


It is likely that the export to ZIM will fail - modify the export2zim file to point at a working zimwriterfs executable.

Hopefully this step will be removed once there are bindings for libzim and node.


The only way to configure behaviour is through config.json. It accepts the following properties:

  • languages:Array - PhET country codes (possible values can be found below)
  • languageMapping:Object<string, string> - Mapping between language code and displayName


This project achieves multiple things:

  • Download PhET content
  • Generate an Index for said content
  • Generate a ZIM file containing content and index

Things this project does not yet do, but should:

  • Generate Android APK


The functionality is split into 5 npm scripts:

  • npm run setup - deletes state from previous runs
  • npm run get - downloads PhET simulations in specified languages
  • npm run transform - generates a JSON file which is used to generate the index
  • npm run export - generates index and ZIM file
  • npm start - runs all of the above in sequence

The steps get, transform and export have their own output directories:

  • get outputs HTML and PNG files to state/get
  • transform outputs a JSON file to state/transform
  • export outputs HTML and PNG files to state/export AND a ZIM file to dist/
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