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CloudStack management server composed.
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CloudStack on Docker

This project aims to bring CloudStack to service providers and cloud enthusiasts in a turnkey solution. It is comprised by:

  • opsforge/cloudstack
  • mysql:5.5 public image
  • docker-compose for configuring and running the stack in a clustered fashion

This project is currently a work in progress!

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How to install

- You'll need a host running Docker Engine `1.12` or newer
- docker-compose `1.8.0` or newer
  • Clone the project repository to your host
  • In the configure-cloud folder, edit the docker-compose.yml for each volumes line:
  - /my/home/folder/target:original_value

  - /Users/yeehaw/export:/export
  • Execute the following steps to set up the stack:
cd ./configure-cloud
docker-compose up -d
  • This will pull the public images from Docker Hub and set the stack up. Volumes will be mounted per the compose file.
  • Data will be stored for mysql under the required folder + the NFS shares that CloudStack will be setting up
  • Initial run can take up to 20 minutes depending on machine performance
  • You can monitor the state of the commands by docker logs cloudstack_container_name or running this on a machine with Kinematic or Swarm host with a UI
  • Do NOT cancel this or you will have to start over!
  • When the process is complete (system vms downloaded and sql setup done), you can reach CloudStack from the host on http://HOST_IP:8080/client
  • Stop the stack with:
docker-compose down
  1. Follow up with run steps to use the stack.

Run steps

  • Once you have installed the stack successfully, run the following commands to maintain the stack (use it):
cd ./run-cloud
docker-compose up -d

How to build

  • Nothing fancy here, just cd into the subfolder of the Dockerfiles and run:
docker build -t 'opsforge/cloudstack:latest' .


docker build -t 'opsforge/cloudstack-mysql:latest' .
  • Keep in mind that the cloudstack-mysql is completely useless for the time being (newer than compatible mysql and missing lots of conditional checks on startup). Compose is using the public mysql:5.5 image by default.
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