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Apache/SVN/WebSVN in one box
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This image is built from Ubuntu:14.04.5. The following packing are added:

  • Apache2
  • WebSVN
    The main purpose of this image is to build a one box which contains all SVN & WebSVN dependencies. This image would be helpful for you to deploy one SVN server quickly.


Docker file can get from Github: docker-svnbox on Github


It is very easy to run this image quickly using docker-compose.

Directory struction in image

  • /opt/scmroot/svnrep All SVN repository should be placed here. You should mount local directory as volume;
  • /opt/scmroot/svndigest The user information should be put in it. You should specify one local file and mount it;
  • /etc/apache2/ The configuration of apache2.


version: '2'
    image: svnbox
      # let container use same timezone as host
      - /etc/localtime:/etc/localtime
      - /opt/docker/svnbox/runtime/svnrep:/opt/scmroot/svnrep
      - /opt/docker/svnbox/runtime/svndigest:/opt/scmroot/svndigest
      - /opt/docker/svnbox/runtime/
      - /opt/docker/svnbox/runtime/index.html:/var/www/index.html
      - "85:80"
      NODE_ENV: prd
    restart: always
    hostname: apache

In the configuration, some files are referenced:

  • svndigest User configuration.
  • WebSVN configuration file.
  • index.html The homepage of this Apache.

You should specify one WebSVN configuration named as this. You can add the configuration like:

  • add SVN Repository
  • Change behavior
// Show Date instead of Age
// Use flat view
// Expand tab to 4 spaces
// Show changes in logs view
// Add one repository (Name, Location)
$config->addRepository("AuthServer", "file:///opt/scmroot/svnrep/AuthServer");


The password in this file is encrypted using Digest (NOT Basic). You can use Apache htdigest tool to generate it. You can create one file (including user test) like the following:

$ htdigest -c svndigest "SVN Access" test
Adding user test in realm SVN Access
New password: 
Re-type new password: 

Note: the realm in command line must be "SVN Access", because it is defined in Apache config (/etc/apache2/sites-available/000-default.conf).

How to access the SVN?

You should:

  • http://[your-server-ip]:85/svnrep/... to access the SVN repository;
  • http://[your-server-ip]:85/websvn/ to access bundled WebSVN.
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