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Don't starve together dedicated server
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Don't starve together dedicated server

Short install instructions

Pull the image and run the container.
docker run --name dst -p 10999:10999/udp -d orion1337/dst:latest

Run the configuration script.
The script will ask you for your server token, server name, description, game mode, pvp, max players, save slot and password.
docker exec -i dst ./

Restart the container to load the new configuration.
docker restart dst


Q: How do i get the server token?
A: You can find instructions here

Q: How do i change the server name/description?
A: You can run docker exec -i dst ./ anytime.

Q: How do i change the server save slot?
A: Run docker exec -i dst ./

Q: How do i update the DST version?
A: Run docker exec dst ./


20/11/2015 - Caves added

Docker Pull Command

Comments (3)
2 years ago

This image is brillant - I love it. However, is there a way to alter more options within the worldgenoverride.lua file? I´d like to disable certain things and generate a custom worldmap.
Can this be done?

Thanks a lot for your work!

2 years ago

Sure :D

I uploaded the source to:

Feel free to fork it.

2 years ago

Thanks for the image, I think that it's the best one out there to launch a DST server.

However, could you share the sources of the image ? It would make customization of the server far easier.